IKO KyokushinKai Protea Team selected

After many months of preparation and selection processes, IKO KyokushinKai South Africa team members have been officially been granted Protea colours for the team to participate at the 12th Open World Tournament.

Having competed in provincial and national team competitions the mangers and competitors were selected and proposed to KSA (Karate South Africa) to participate in the IKO Open and Elite World Tournament to be held in Tokyo Japan, Nov 2019. After successful application, the athletes were officially recognised with Protea Colours by SASCOC and final certification to follow.

As is protocol members of KSA were present to hand over the colours. With the President of KSA Mr Sonny Pillay handing over in KZN and presiding on behalf of KSA in the Western Cape the Chairman of KSAWC Mr John Daniels.

These were very proud moments for our athletes who have worked so hard to attain this status under very challenging circumstances.