“Return to Contact”

After more than a year of limited training, we are finally allowed to return to “Contact Training” subject to strict KSA guidelines.

The past year has seen us go from no training to “non-contact” training and now finally “contact training”. This has been very difficult for all of us as we’ve seen our normal form of training severely limited. This was of course expected as we’ve made every effort to adhere to the national regulations on sports and the KSA training guidelines.

Now that we see many sports return to an adjusted form of training IKO Kyokushin South Africa has worked together with KSA ( Karate South Africa ) to formulate a “Return to Contact” training plan which will see our dojos bring back our beloved form of contact training. All of course under very strict conditions.

Initially, the plan allows for limited forms of bag work and some other forms of training, but we are convinced that any additional training will go a long way towards lifting the spirits of our students in our dojos’

Keep watching this space for more updates including pictures and videos from our dojo’s.