Kyokushinkai South Africa is a member of the International Karate Organisation and the mother body of all IKO Kyokushin Karate in South Africa.

Participation at any level within these structures and as a member of KSA (Karate South Africa, the official SASCOC body for Karate in South Africa) requires registration and affiliation.

These regulations are in place to ensure accurate membership monitoring with a view to the growth of participation, technical development, good safety practice, sponsorship and transformation.

The registration process is a simple online process which requires all Dojo Operators to register themselves, their dojo’s and their students.


  1. User registers online

  2. User will receive a validation email. (Check spam)

  3. Add your details

  4. Add the dojo’s you operate.

  5. Add your students to the dojo they are linked to.

Now you can use the system to monitor your membership and register for events such as tournaments, gashku’s, workshops etc…

Click here to register and manage your dojo now.